The best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  

I experienced an amazing epiphany today at your beautiful spa..although, there isn't a time I don't walk away feeling uplifted from the stresses of the heart, mind and body. Thank you for thinking of me and my individual needs, when you introduced me to yet another of your professional staff with a background in oncology therapy and Reiki. Thank you for an experience that moved me to where I was completely relaxed and felt a kindred feel to my massage. I felt every decision I ever made in life, every person in my life, and every reason I need to kick a depressive state of body and mind!



 The words THANK YOU do not begin to express our gratitude for the day we had yesterday at your place!  Every one of the girls enjoyed their massages, readings and the afternoon of relaxation.  The Prescription for Massages was a hot topic at dinner!!

You and Jamie did an amazing job with our Chair Massages (if only time allowed, we could have had an hour massage each!)  I even think Louise is hooked!

 Jess was “right on” with everyone she sat with, whether they had a Palm Reading or Angel Reading.  As you saw, Nancy was very emotional after hers but it also brought her much comfort!

 At dinner, I read your letter to Mister Ken, and after much discussion and pushing to have you come in and give us massages, he MIGHT be up for letting it happen ….. We will figure something out and let you know.





 Awesome Massage... Thanks Steph...Keep up the good work =] Heather (Rehoboth)

Loved it! Massage was awesome and the place looks great! :) Kathryn

 Best massage I've ever had! Stephanie is excellent at her craft. I had a lot of hip/leg pain and she was able to pin point the problem and alleviate my pain, professionaly and with great care.  I highly recommend Stephanie and Destination Massage.  Don't forget to try the parifin wax treatment for your hands and feet, that was awesome!   Trish owner Red Dragon Martial Arts

Fantastic experience!!
Stephanie was very professional from start to finish... I will be back as soon as possible...
Al Goudreau, Pittsberg N.H

The best massage ever - never felt so relaxed - Thanks Steph!!!! Robin Keeley, Pawtucket R.I.

Debbie M. AndersonDestination Massage: Can't wait for our couples massage, have been raving to all family, friends, countrymen and a few Romans..ok, maybe not Romans. We have been flooded by requests for more information by other friends through the grapevine! I can't say enough about the feel, the ambiance, the professionalism, decor etc.. Kudos to Destination Massage Clinic!